Emmaus Lutheran Church - LCMS

Pastor David W. Kern
Worship Service: Sundays at 10 A.M.
Sunday School and Bible Class: Sundays at 9 A.M.

"The Little Church Among the Corn" by Sharon Holcomb
Church among the Corn

Once upon a time
In a land we hold so dear
Is a little town called Dorsey
A town who knew no fear.

The church stood tall and mighty.
Just like the people who crossed it's doors.
Throughout the years, it grew and grew.
This little church among the corn.

The ministers that served this church.
Brought their families when they came.
To serve this little congregation.
Emmaus was it's name.

The years went by quite quickly.
Until Pastor Gude retired.
And then he built a brand new home.
Across the fields of corn.

A call went out both far and wide.
A new minister they must find.
The call was quickly answered.
As often heard, “In God's time.”

The seminary heard their cry.
And quickly searched their list.
Until they found the perfect match
A Pastor who would serve them best.

The Seminary could have chosen someone else
To live amongst us here
But knew we needed someone special
Someone with wisdom and cheer

They chose a Pastor whose gifts were many
Gifts he would use each day.
Especially that of his GPS
For roads that have no name.

On Call Day, the Stratmann family listened.
For the place they would call home
Where is this place called Dorsey?
A map would surely show.

While driving to their new home
They talked of hopes and dreams.
What life had God in store for them
At the little church among the corn.

They finally reached their future home
From the city they did come.
The sounds they heard was strange and new
Near the little house among the corn.

While walking to their new home
They walked with faith and hope
They knew that challenges would come their way
But God would see them through.

The kids walked through the front door
And looked from left to right
They wondered if their friends would find them
Especially in the night.

Mrs. Stratmann surveyed the layout of the house.
And picked the rooms with care
She opened the door where darkness lay
And asked “Who wants to go down there.”

Pastor Stratmann quickly settled in
Like a fisherman with his net
He shared God's word to all of us.
Our needs he surely met.

Each Sunday he shares a message
That reminds us of God's love.
His gift of music is clear to see
When we praise our God above.

He is here when we need comfort
For life can bring us tears.
He's here to bring us solace.
When our faith can't settle our fears.

Pastor, you truly are a blessing.
To us who share this day
We thank you for your family
And your friends you bring our way.

As years go by, it is clear to see
This town is surely blest.
To have the Stratmann's here with us
At the little church among the corn.

We know our future is in God's hands.
We know he knows what's best
So, Pastor we hope he keeps you here with us.
At the little church among the corn.